Before is a game about prehistoric people and their survival in a harsh and unforgiving world. Players control a band of early humans as they find their place in the world, building settlements, interacting with other tribes, hunting and gathering the resources they need.



Play the kind of game you want to play with multiple game-modes, scenarios and options beyond the default settings. Start with out a tribe that is already established and see them through a tough winter. Take control of a single person trying to survival in the wilds. The game offers a range of possibilities for you to explore.

Advanced AI

Intelligent and complex people make for an ever-changing game. Each member of your tribe will find their own role in the group. Relationships develop over time over time. Babies are born, friendships forged and rivailries emerge.

Relations with neighbouring tribes may fall apart and descend into all-out war. All of this is driven by a complex simulation of desires, aspirations, and personalities.

Detailed Simulation

Featuring dynamic weather and seasonal changes, detailed crafting, building and character development, each game you play is ripe with possibility and variety.


When Can I play it?

We're planning to launch a closed beta soon. You can sign up on the beta page for your chance to participate.