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16 November 2018
Petur Agust
Speechbub changes. Placement semantics. Scene
Various widget stuffs. Scene
Improved UI.Conversations
15 November 2018
Petur Agust
Placementguide readability
Weatherwidget WIP
Sebastien Blomfield
Weather widget day number fix (hopefully). Trim colour uses a gradient linked to time of day. Rotators are now in an array to allow for independent rotation.
Hooked up WeatherWidget rotation. Hooked up WeatherWidget background colour. Removed a bunch of old stuff from the weather widget.
Bill Lowe
Fixed game speed button order Fixed BEF-657 Character Inspector panel plays the slide animation when you select a different character, even though it was already open Removed animation from selected unit widget
Also hide unit list when placement guide widget is animating
Hide unit listing widget when placing buildings Split settlement supplies into distinct widget, moved to bottom right above the info widget
More live portrait crap
Disable live portrait in OnDisable
Fixed maps path
synched human ragdolls
14 November 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
removed alert effect
Removed ThreatPerceptionCondition and usage for interrupted sleep effect.
Null ContainedBy when removing an entity from a Container. Button in building debug panel to trigger a collapse.
Added activity for buildings being destroyed due to collapse or decay. Bool on activities to allow them to persist after destruction of the creator.
Rotate buildings during placement even when position is invalid
Bill Lowe
Weather widget
Small tooltip font
Fixed BEF-659 probably
Supplies listing hookup, UI tweaks. Weapon type icons
Fixed BEF-660, BEF-661
Item tooltip hookup, tooltip fuckery
fix for trees rotating when getting cut down at high game speed
Petur Agust
Tooltip improvs
UnitInspector item slot tooltips are properly aligned.
DPI tweak on our panel backgrounds.
Tooltip consistency fixes.
Fixed activitywidget animation
Changed Tooltip.Large to be an item tooltip w/ stats and such. Icon fixes. Scene.
13 November 2018
Bill Lowe
Removed SRP core
BiggestThreat fact now reduces score for sleeping or disabled units instead of completely ignoring them
Various UI prefabs
Facts is a default entity component, validated all the everything Building upgrades tab UI basics
Replaced TargetFiltter BiggestThreat/BiggestThreatAttackingMe usages with new BiggestThreat fact provider
GroupStats no longer default component Added GroupStatsUtility method for average group vital
Cleaning up UI layout rebuild hacks, added to base inspector widgets
Error fix
LOD bias now multiplier, added to wearables Editor fixes
Scene lighting settings
lod multiplier
lod multipliers
more lod multipliers
more lod multipliers
lod multipliers
altar 3 building setup
altar 3 wip
Sebastien Blomfield
Added blank images to stuff for tooltip raycasting
UI folder organisation. StatElement and DamageElement implement ValueElement. Added IUnitInfoElement and IUpdatableUIElement to avoid making lists of every type of UI element. Added trait list to unit inspector. Tooltip values for unit inspector stuff.
scene save just in case
Added DamageElement to display the damage of the highest damage combat ability of a given type.
Petur Agust
Maybe fixed Sebov's collapsed UI panel issue.
RadialIndicator uses the properly padded circle graphic because sampling.
RadialIndicator clashes less with outline shader
Less spammy resourcewidget until implemented.
Went over a bunch of effects for color consistency and icon stuff. Merge hell too.
gui_game scene order
Various widgetry
ResourceWidget Herb stuff & icons.
12 November 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Added StatElement for displaying stat values / descriptions. Updated some staged descriptions on stats. UIConfig gradient for stat value colours.
Chop Down Tree interaction is player exposed. Diet Balance uses range 1-Max instead of 0-Max so that eating a single food type doesn't count. Different tick rates for Diet Balance increase and decrease.
Enums DLL
Varied diet removal trigger
Deleted unused trigger
MeasurementOperators extension method to perform measurements. Added effects for poor diet and varied diet.
And more
More editor fixes
Fixed editor array header NREs
Compile fix
Bill Lowe
BiggestThreat fact boilerplate
NRE fixes
Better caching of goal/plan priorities in AI modules (removes sometimes expensive priority update on every tick, now only happens if the data gets dirty in playmode) UnitCollection.Tick no longer sets position to follow unit average at ground height, removing raycast unless we see a need for such precision
Compile fix
Facts profiler hooks
Removed player command widget script from UI.ResourceWidget causing NREs meta
more atmos 45 stuff
atmos 45
Petur Agust
Untested ContextMenuWidget
11 November 2018
Bill Lowe
Supply value element dropdown now only shows items that are tracked by supplies
Petur Agust
Floating resource widget for click-locking. UI.ResourceWidget.
10 November 2018
Petur Agust
Color consistency
Went back to green highlights, and testing another green build button notification fx Some misc clarity tweaks.
More build menu & related.
SettlementInspector slide in/out doesn't adjust canvas group alpha because performance
Tweaked notification tabs Better consistency in the "new" highlights Fixed some "new" highlights being rendered behind tabs that had nothing new Job assignment panel doesn't display the mood background in the 3rd redundant place on screen anymore Construction menu category buttons (ended up kinda crappy, so subject to change) Some other shit that I'm forgetting
Properized SettlementInfoWidget
9 November 2018
Petur Agust
Prater font stroked proper.
More fixes/refining.
Various SettlementInfoWidget, including a deposit tween tester.
Sebastien Blomfield
Added DietBalance stat that tracks how balanced a unit's recent diet has been.
Added Diet component. Diet component tracks time since eating food types. Time since eating food affects dietary preference weight. Ported diet stuff from Ecological to Diet.
altar #6
altar #1
Bill Lowe
Fixed DataAsset.ResetDataIds ext method not giving the root asset a new ID
backup pefab fixes
Supply foldout basics
8 November 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Set first body mesh in UnitView as Skin (fixes bad hover menu placement in tribe create)
Tribe create sliders show correct values. Better random assigning of values.
Fixed buildings that can't decay entering decaying state (was causing the decay bar to show when it shouldn't) Fixed BuildingView.Show calling base.Hide
Rigidity shows in building settings editor
merge from building collapse
mfm/building collapse
Fixed random chance evaluation. Decay logging improvements./building collapse
Building collapse chance WIP/building collapse
Bill Lowe
Editor NRE fixes
Merged building widget to settlement inspector tab Building editor NRE
Fixed duplicate widgets in main/gui scenes
Only show building status stuff on hover Building placement auto-rotates buildings to face settlement root building (should be nearest campfire but this works for now)
human lod size tweak
last update before I give up on highlighter fixes
human clothing shader and material update before highlight shader update altar wip
time change
Petur Agust
PlacementGuideWidget Other misc minors
More fixes.
UI anim fix
Merge from UI
Mergable resource widget/UIResourceRework
7 November 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Added a MachineProcess fact for crafting stations. Crafting AI uses said fact.
Static filter predicates
Added InteractionPlanFactProvider base class for BuildingRequirements, MachineProcessRequirements and StockpileRequirements
MachineProcessRequirements fact
Bill Lowe
Fixed BuildingStockpileTab NRE
Highlighting tweaks Terrain decal splat sync is optional Puddle decal test Data validation
Force LOD0 when highlighting things (not units), fixed imposters showing on tree highlights
UnneededItems fact ignores weapons Job defs added to enum gen Enum gen tidy up DefinitionEnumConvertible lookup, TEnum parse on Warmup Added Unit.HasPendingPortraitRequest, prevent UnitPortraits request queue potentially getting spammed
Buildings hide their associated TerrainDecal when toggling vis Fixed some entities not getting ticked properly (BEF-623) Fixed BEF-622: AI tribe settlements are visible in placement guides (respects fog of war)
6 November 2018
Bill Lowe
Context menu reworked back to vertical standard sort of thing for now
Fixed GroupMemberBehaviourCountConsideration returning trash
Fixed errors when trying to return a generic view (group, etc) to the pool
Fixed MachineRequirements.WriteToBlackboard returning true when it shouldnt
Added Tools/Clean Unit Prefabs
UnitView NRE fixes
Machine requirements fact can read process from blackboard when writing plans, filtering results for process-compatible targets Fire lighting uses machine requirements fact Fixed condition group editor rendering not displaying mode control properly
Fixed NREs when spawning non-game ready entities Only warmup game ready assets in builds, everything in editor
Fixed NRE in BuildingRequirements fact setup due to OOE
Added behaviour count condition & consideration
Fixed tribe create ghosts
Fact provider settings types must implement ShouldInstall(Facts) method for auto-provider creation Dispenser interaction wrappers can define an animation bool, used by SetInteractionAnimatorBool action
Data fixes
Interaction wrapper animator bool test
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Asset validation
ran clean up tool on units
relinked all unit assets
lots of animal lods
Sebastien Blomfield
Disable physics on trunks when they hit the ground
Building module priority fixes (people should gather more than one item at a time again). StockpileRequirements finishing touches. Stockpiling AI using StockpileRequirements fact.
Dropping unneeded stuff AI stockpile filter no longer looking for Profession building category.
WaitForTree action rename to WaitForTargetDestruction to match class name change
Stone harvesting AI uses mine interaction
ResourceView setup stuff moved to initialize
Fixed repair construction time requirement not being updated during repair. No longer possible to repair more HP than the necessary amount.
Petur Agust
5 November 2018
Bill Lowe
Validate all assets on editor load and script reload
Moved some UIWidget events to BaseUIObject Context widget closes on callback from root menu element animation Fixed highlighter sometimes not working on resource views
Fixed lingering context menu label text
Added visiblity and FoW flags to entity debug inspector Entity view highlighting fixes
Sleep speed is 20x
Context menu closes on MMB down
Context menu tweaks
Auto open context menu requires 1 or more interactions flagged to auto-open Context menu positioning uses target entity bounds Fixed NRE In playerController.MouseOver Fixed IOE in SmartObject.Reset Fixed NRE in WetnessTickValue when unit has no wearables component Fixed Wetness currently stat being simulated Fixed highlight shader not taking vertex color masking value (BEF-630) Fixed context menu not copying all command data, causing issues with pooling resets now that context menu doesn't block new interactions/mouseover calls
Fixed NRE in WetnessTickValue when playing from testbox Context menu fixes
Petur Agust
Fixed shelter construction
Resource widget WIP (don't use this yet)
More shelter data. Friendly health bars are green again. Styled enemy health bars. (red)
Shelter data.
gui_game that isn't all disabled.
Minor loading scene tweak. GUI game scene.
ContextMenuWidget v1 & related assets.
Sebastien Blomfield
lots of Building logging.
Removed unnecessary IsFromPool field on views
Container cleanup. Fixed machine output container mode.
atmos 45 edits
4 November 2018
Bill Lowe
Wetness stat simulator now takes into account rain resistance of worn clothing and occupied building, simulates drying using temperate at entity position Interaction position groups can be flagged as "in building", used to set Unit.InBuilding property
2 November 2018
Petur Agust
Small shelter
Sleeping effect not exposed to UI Reworded some data 1 man shelter unlockable
Bill Lowe
Reverted reverted contxt menu
BEF-616: Middle mouse closes side-panels, but it probably shouldn't. (So that you can MMB pan around without closing panels) Refafctored settlement supplies system, no longer uses SupplyTypes enum, instead tracks items, units plus item, food and weapon types Fixed entity component editor drawers showing enabled and name fields Context menu opens on hover for non-units
dear lods
changed GetComponent to GetComponentInChildren for public override void ResetLODSize()
deer lod scale not working
removed human eye lods because I don't think its worth the effort to set them up with blendshapes
human female lods
deleted cloaked.conf to see if it helps our auto merge problem
1 November 2018
Bill Lowe
merged human lods shelve unit prefab processor now sets up all cached transforms, renderers, hair and bear assets fixed clothing not working with LODs
Entity view prefab processing now uses the new prefab API correctly, retaining GUIDs when updating prefabs from their art asset sources
Entity player command can be flagged as required (default is true), allowing for AI autonomous interaction without command flagging
UnitView refactored to hold arrays of body/meat/skeleton meshes that are managed by Corpse etc Fixed view LODGroup.size being set to 0
deer stag for testing lods (elder male)
turned on avatar for human male lods fbx
spotted a mistake the new highlight shader, still doesn't fix the issue with outlines showing on depleted resources
added gather commands to lots of resources