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16 July 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
reduced number of sticks in the stick pile
Fixed replenishment using the auto dispense data for the timing. Resources can now define a child resource that spawns at their position.
Research AI now checks the required role. We no longer evaluate modules and goals that are lower priority than then active ones (solves some weird ping ponging).
interaction positions for lvl 3 campfire addon
Added research module to humans
Fixed AI for putting corpse on fire not checking the cooking method. Changed rat and rabbit cooking methods to spit.
researching plays a thinking anim instead of screaming
Petur Agust
Missing file.
15 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Unit frames update role icon when role chnages
Fixed empty text in research window
Unit frame role icon colors
Research station empty text, hide content frame when nothing is selected or available Building status overlay UI shows research when active
Fixed conversation UI not updating position while still animating out
Removed MoodDrainFromNeed simulator, update manipulator values in Need.Tick Added source string to need stat manipulators
UI value element binding, content refresh Fixed tooltips on unit stats in the inspector disappearing
13 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Fixed UnitFrame stat bars being wrong, the stupid cunts Reduced or removed harvesting times on stone, grass, sticks
Campfire addon tweaks
Added StringEx.ToArticle with returns nouns with correct articles (a/an) Fixed Unit Needs not being gated by settlement level (if a level if specified in the Need definition the Unit must belong to settlement of that level or above for the Need to trigger)
Dispensers can make their parent entity non-interactable when depleted Disabled people leaving the tribe pending improvements Fixed bad activity text assignment (notification was displaying full help text) Fixed settlement level up not working when instant build cheat is on
Fixed activity not getting proper tooltip/help text
Disabled unit target icon indicator, added highlighting
UI Save
Settlement level up activity, state checks
Added settlement level up activity, settlement activity category and bespoke activity confirmation popup
Settlement level up process no longer requires that all settlement (and inhabitant) Needs are met (optional,
AI research module is same priority as role behaviour
Role on click (RMB) triggers popup confirmation UI
Close building widget when panning away from a settlement
Building assignment slots highlight unit on hover
Only show BuildingAssignmentWidget when player has a single unit selected
Removed blocker volume on start area prefab (fixes blocked building area) Fixed player building placement not checking blocked layer
Fallback to old bounds method if the custom bounds for a building have a size of 0
UnitFrame's tooltip is defined in the inspector, fixed weird cases of child elements (e.g. job toggles) showing tooltip text for the unit's name
Fixed unit frames getting tooltips when they're not supposed to
UnitListWidget NRE fix
Fixed Unit list elements not animating properly Fixed building category toggles not showing their toggled state Fixed IUpdateActiveState widgets not being properly managed (and thus not working)
Added research AI module, conditions etc Research UI fixes
Player pefab
Buildings now store a bounds in their data, used for placement checks and creation of blocker objects in the view Various UI, fixed widgets controlled by Animators not having their state properly restored when switching screens (e.g. when pausing)
Sebastien Blomfield
grazing area no longer has a view
Fixed Ownable.HasMaxOwners always being true. Removed AI for autonomous building claiming. Added a mode to OwnableCondition to account for people sleeping in the building who don't own it. People will sleep in available huts if they don't have a home.
Moved log seating to level 2 because you can't actually harvest logs at level 1
Removed homeless effect and cooking spit need
Fixed some data that was using building categories
Fixed target filter for finding fire to gather for
Added blocked layer to building placement mask
Stockpile bounds
some data
disabled auto regen on stick piles
big hut for campfire (not tested)
added some missing interaction positions to the profession buildings
cleaned up building editor scene
setting up weaving station again as forgot to check in... and merge
Diogo Teixeira
Updated ASE to latest v1.5.4r6 Added Amplify Impostors first public release v0.8.0r3
Petur Agust
SettlementInfoWidget stuff Icon color test
Some display names.
Building widget wip Tooltip positioning Some graphic filtering.
Reworked the building categories. Gave all buildables a description. Tweaked some other names and stuff.
12 July 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Collated text for can't find crafting ingredients activity.
Set interaction positions to free when they are enabled (fixes a bunch of them getting blocked)
More effects notification text
More notification text on hunger effects
fixed notification text for very hungry effect
Added condition to check if we possess an item matching a filter. Fixed current weapon being removed from possessions. Hunter needs weapon need no longer triggers when throwing weapon.
Fixed people stowing their current weapon if it's a tool.
Position level up button above the fire instead of settlement position
Different settlement level names
OnReplenished now triggered every time a dispenser item gets replenished. ResourceView updates on replenish as well as dispense.
Nice names for settlement levels
People should now take corpses from the meat rack to skin them before putting them on the spit
Bill Lowe
Fixed settlement creation UI not showing Building editor can toggle each available addon so they can viewed together Various building addon/levelup prgoress
Settlement experience gain from role exp, research completion and first time building completion
Fixed building placement nRE
Fixed missing condition in has weapon trigger Couple of editor fixes
Player Prefab, placement guide stuff
Buildings can now defined a blocking radius, which is used during placement checks Renamed DataAsset.IsGameValid to IsGameReady
Fixed building UI not hiding content that is not flagged as game ready
GUI scene
Fixed PlayerProgression seen/unseen tracking being inverted (should fix little yellow icons on things the player hasnt looked at in various UI)
UI save
Settlement level/experience revamp basics, building data stuff to prep for auto-addons for levels
Settlement view position no longer updates to average of all buildings
EntityName keyword implements IActivityKeyword and returns Activity.Creator.Name
Improvements to notification text generation from effects KeywordsUtility -> TextUtility, cleaned up keyword replacement API (no longer using obtuse extension methods)
RMB on activity hides it
Fixed activity UI updating text badly
Fixed various issues with activity UI elements not being properly dismissed or updated
Fixed missing animator param spam
Got rid of a hacky gameobject activation thing in UI manager Fixed loads of dummy job icons in the settlement inspector UI
11 July 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Hunter can now directly deposit to hunting station stockpile. Bonus for sleeping targets when setting hunting target.
enabled crafting station component on hunting station
enabled grazing area spawns
Data for being able to craft various items. Added crafting machine process for hunter station.
Fixed Mood being set to 0 at game start due to the needs related mood cap having an initial value of 0.
Added Only Fight If Attacked bool to Combat Component. Deer and Goats should only have a chance to fight if you attacked them.
More fixes to cutwooding AI
AI data save
Bill Lowe
AI Action sound support WIP
10 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Build fix
GroupMember and GroupNeeds components ignore non-player controlled entities
Potential Tree MRE fix
UnitFrame stat bar cleanup, contextual display for stamina and energy Entity.Ownable uses slots Settlement level progress is displayed as screen space widget Various UI
GUI assets
Sebastien Blomfield
Added harvesting sticks to woodcutter module. Made some fixes to stockpiling AI that should allow people to stockpile sticks. Rat raid now has more rats. Added Rat Meat item that has less nutritional value than normal meat. Leaving group now uses actual mood value instead of base.
Fixes to moving away from fire AI. Clearing allowed items lists in stranger spawning.
Added GroupMember debug with button to trigger tribe leaving. Added Desirability Event triggering buttons to the Desirability debug. Fixed AI settlement leader death causing the leader selection UI to pop up. Fixes to settlement joining AI that should prevent people from joining player settlements without asking.
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
more foley sfx
9 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Nuked tabbed windows, progression and tribe windows
Fixed settlement level up popup not working
Fixed role exp slider not showing properly
Fixed activity elements not clearing properly Unit list frame flashes for new Units when added Knowledge window Unit frame UI ref Boatloads of unit related UI tweaks and improvements
Sesnes system bugfix from pal
Moved time/phys config out of game options data and into the main config asset (no longer saved with player exposed options)
Increased sleep and bounce thresholds
Disabled building view decals
Exposed fixed time step values per gamespeed to config data
Sebastien Blomfield
Stranger spawns should now also allow clothes from the starting pool. Rat raids account for food supplies. Settlement debug stuff.
raid event activity sets the appropriate target instead of always targeting the player tribe
Decreased Goal Momentum on Hunt Goal
Exposed ItemView collision detection mode and set it to Discrete
disabled destroy on deplete on stick pile
Added experimental option to spawn dispensables on the ground instead of ejecting them from the dispenser to try to improve physics performance. Added stick pile resource and disabled sticks dropping from trees.
Apparently some data
stick pile vertex colour setup
sticks again
stick pile interaction positions
stick pile model
fixed silly mistake with code and rebuild assets for stick collision
missed a file from last checkin
sticks have lods code for generating items turns off collision for meshes the lod meshes not named lod0
reverted stick spawner removal
temporary removal of stick auto dispensing to see how it effects perf on a build, will revert very soon
Pål Trefall
Job system experiments/Job System Experiments
8 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Growable component cleanup
Fixed normalized values for skills and attributes being shite
Tooltips no longer timeout-autohide Radial menu no longer shows interactions for unit items or attachments (testing UX)
Disabled IK look in Actions.FaceTarget (causing errors in build)
Fixed error in UnitFrame.Unassign when no effectList is specified
Fixed building dirt decal orientation
6 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Various UI
Removed DynamicDecals, replaced with basic impl based on amplify stuff (WIP)
Fixed potential NRE in UnitStatusUtility.GetHostility
field assets (not functional or unlockable)
unsuccessfully trying to make stockpile on shaman station work
trying to make hunting station and shaman station stockpiles work
shaman building
Diogo Teixeira
Added alpha test + cutoff to decal std shader
5 July 2018
Bill Lowe
UI bits
Various UI
Reverted a thing
Game events can limit max concurrent instances Game events defs can override ShouldEnd method (returns true by default so events will end on the first tick) Selected building + inspection widget Various UI
UI cleanup, removed a bunch of old widgets and refactored selected unit widget class
Disabled cooking on stick AI for now Various UI
TimedButton fix Role selection popup confirmation closes on accept
Fix UIListElement not showing
Sebastien Blomfield
Added AI for raids that attempt to steal your food instead of attacking you. Raids now have a duration. Raids target a Settlement. Units raiding you are now considered hostile. Various Conditions and Selectors related to Settlements and Raids.
building upgrade icons (placeholder)
Settlement level up now only shows you unlocks that are unlocked by levelling up the settlement
Fixed testbox_nospawns spawning
Moved BaseScale to Aging component. made it actually be applied to units. made rats smaller.
hunting station
hunting station wip
made dead peoples eyes larger so you can see them
More SFX added
4 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Fixed NRE when quitting to menu
TimeButton invokes after time, doesnt require mouse up Removed extra role assignment confirmation
Various UI Fixed potential NRE in Roles.OnPrimaryGoalPlanCompleted callback
TMP styles
Fixed massive GC spike caused by SettlementInfoWidget.Assign being called every frame
Default PlayerCamera.HasFocus to true (should fix initial focus bug on steam build) UI widget state event fixes, (fixed overlapping building widget) Added TimedButton component, for click & hold buttons
Fixed buggy building status indicator UI Fixed building UI and settlement inspector overlap Removed homeless overlay icons (will show up as an effect) Fixed a bug in BaseAnimatedUIObject.Hide and Show methods that meant some UI elements not being properly reset
UI bits Fucked off static AI events
Sebastien Blomfield
More selecting fixes
Fixed clicking a unit while you have more than one unit selected not selecting just that one unit.
Removed Sleep In Building Goal Plan
If settlement leader leaves or dies show the UI. Set Leader rank on the settlement leader (this should prevent them from leaving)
InCombat flag early exit on UnitIsBeingAttacked condition
IsBeingAttackedBy now returns false if the attacker is dead, disabled or sleeping
Grass Roof as default upgrade on huts
Fixed Settlement.HasRequiredLevel
added navmeshpath status to debugpanel navigation
Diogo Teixeira
Testing tree and bush impostors/impostor-testing
3 July 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
We now calculate a cap modifier that's the total of all the active needs to ensure that needs act as a mood penalty. Various fixes to needs stuff.
2 July 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Compile fix + stat manipulators for settlement needs.
Let's make the mood drain negative...
Implemented Need mood drain as a stat manipulator with a maximum amount of possible drain instead of infinite drain. Currently only working for individual Unit Needs.
Bill Lowe
UI bits StatManipulator pooling
This commit has been marked private, so it is hidden
Settlement inhabitants UI WIP
Fixed fucked up prefab
Various stat icons
Crafting, build and research UI consistency
Fixed NRE in Settlement.Load
Fixed building placement widget showing when not in placement mode Building placement hides inspector windows Stat bar styling, colors
more sfx sorting
1 July 2018
Bill Lowe
Stat bars styling
More UI Jenkinsfile for Unity 2018.1.5f1
NRE fix