225 Commits by 7 Authors. 381 files added, 101 deleted, 37 moved.
19 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13109 5:36 PM
Objectives persistence
Bill Lowe main/#13108 4:23 PM
Disable fog of war in cutscenes, tribe creation
Bill Lowe main/#13107 4:17 PM
GUI save
Bill Lowe main/#13106 4:01 PM
Camera bits
frankieh main/#13105 3:43 PM
birch tree
Bill Lowe main/#13104 12:50 PM
UI bits
Bill Lowe main/#13102 11:50 AM
Game over/complete UI screen shows objectives, allows continued play if the scenario supports it
Jarryd Campi main/#13101 5:46 AM
New Objective: Befriend A Tribe (added to Washed Up) Axes and spears are now gifts (Improved versions are more valuable gifts) New TribeDiplomacyTrigger type for detecting diplomacy changes Can no longer breed with people from other tribes Fixed some issues with gifting items
Bill Lowe main/#13100 12:15 AM
18 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13099 11:39 PM
Fixed oaks getting bad material colors
Bill Lowe main/#13098 10:21 PM
Various post tweaks, biome colors
Bill Lowe main/#13097 9:50 PM
New foliage mats to biome libs Oak spawns (replace pines for now, to test)
frankieh main/#13096 6:27 PM
oak tree has no shadows on leaves
Bill Lowe main/#13095 6:01 PM
Spawn populations editor fix
Bill Lowe main/#13094 5:59 PM
Build fix Objectives UI can be collapsed
frankieh main/#13093 5:56 PM
new oak tree model new fern upgrading foliage,bush/grass/ferns to work with foliage shader
Bill Lowe main/#13092 3:34 PM
Compile fix
Bill Lowe main/#13091 3:28 PM
Disabled map camera transitions pending refactor
Bill Lowe main/#13090 2:06 PM
Compile fix
Bill Lowe main/#13089 2:04 PM
Objectives console commands fixes
Bill Lowe main/#13088 1:57 PM
Objectives console commands SimpleConsole warns you when a method with the ConComd attribute is not valid
Bill Lowe main/#13087 12:34 PM
Post tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#13086 12:18 PM
DataAsset OnValidate cleanup that I've been meaning to do for ages
Jarryd Campi main/#13085 3:52 AM
Removed some time delays when cooking with a stick Hopefully fixed an issue where FaceTarget would sometimes not fully rotate to the target rotation and would never end
Jarryd Campi main/#13084 2:09 AM
Some more tutorial screen info/images
Jarryd Campi main/#13083 12:41 AM
Added persisted data for consumable (cooked amount/states) Collated command for cooking items on fire Can now set the cooked state of an item via the debug tools
17 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13082 2:25 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13081 2:10 PM
Various objectives bits Fixed building completion activity not being generated when a building does not require construction or materials
Bill Lowe main/#13080 12:41 PM
All completion triggers must pass before an objective is completed Added "Build a camp" objective with time limit (Washed Up game mode) Objective time remaining displayed on UI Disabled idle sit on ground behaviour DataBrowser saves sidebar scroll vector
Jarryd Campi main/#13079 8:58 AM
More unsaved stuff + fixed build error
Jarryd Campi main/#13078 6:12 AM
Tutorial Sub-Tasks can now trigger unlocks when starting (eg. unlock basic weapons when the player is asked to craft a weapon) Unlock is silent (no UI pop-up)
Jarryd Campi main/#13077 3:13 AM
Unsaved script
Jarryd Campi main/#13076 3:11 AM
Fixed back button in radial menu widget in wrong position Added an open script button to CommandGenerator dropdowns to open the script up to the appropriate file/line of the generator IsDesiredEntity condition now checks for BuildingAction Desires as well as Building desires Added an IsDesired condition to the Create Building Desire action to prevent the Construct ability appearing when a unit already has a matching desire
Bill Lowe main/#13075 12:12 AM
Merge from Objectives
Bill Lowe main/objectives/#13074 12:12 AM
Merge from main
Bill Lowe main/objectives/#13073 12:11 AM
Jarryd Campi main/objectives/#13072 12:08 AM
Testing out some new senses elect behaviour: -The party leader's senses are now unaffected by being in a party (fixes sensing themselves) -Party members senses now use the leaders senses as an additive list, so if the leader can perceive something every party member can also perceive that thing
16 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/objectives/#13071 10:12 PM
Bill Lowe main/objectives/#13070 9:55 PM
Objectives stuff
Bill Lowe main/objectives/#13069 6:01 PM
Tasks refactoring, objectives progress
frankieh main/#13068 4:49 PM
foliage shader update & merge
Bill Lowe main/#13067 11:53 AM
Objectives prep, tasks cleanup BaseAssetEditor optimisation
Bill Lowe main/#13066 11:01 AM
Fixed BiomeSettingsEditor NRE when removing weather types from a season RTS camera follows unit when selected UI bits
Bill Lowe main/#13065 9:44 AM
Jarryd Campi main/#13064 2:21 AM
Unit path line renderer now increases width as camera is zoomed out in RTSCamera mode
Jarryd Campi main/#13063 1:03 AM
Added a penalty to return to territory module so units are less likely to go home when they have nearby friendly units (safety in numbers!)
15 October 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#13062 11:21 PM
Increased party overlay widget view distance to work better with new camera Fixed sneak and jog party member movement mode behaviours
13 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13061 6:08 PM
RTS camera tweaks Controls modes prep
Bill Lowe main/#13060 5:51 PM
Fog of war distance calcs ignore height
Bill Lowe main/#13059 5:49 PM
Fog of war improvements, block player controller raycast when camera is in 50% or more fog
Bill Lowe main/#13058 5:43 PM
"Fog" of war camera effect, post profile
Bill Lowe main/#13057 4:12 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13056 4:03 PM
Fixed desires not having their owner set during load (properly)
Bill Lowe main/#13055 3:55 PM
Fixed InteractionDesire not being properly persisted
Bill Lowe main/#13054 3:34 PM
Game mode can specify which camera mode we use
Bill Lowe main/#13053 3:29 PM
InteractionDesire.GetIcon NRE fix
Bill Lowe main/#13052 3:13 PM
Uncomment steam integration stuff
Bill Lowe main/#13051 1:59 PM
Whats new text
Bill Lowe main/#13050 1:54 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13049 1:36 PM
Removed memory profiler because its not compiling
Bill Lowe main/#13048 1:22 PM
what's new screen
frankieh main/#13047 12:34 PM
green vertex channel is now used to offsync movement in foliage
Bill Lowe main/#13046 12:07 PM
Fixed game not being paused on gameover
Bill Lowe main/#13045 12:01 PM
Agent's active GPV will drain score from it's GoalPlan once momentum hits 0 Minimum momentum drain rate is now 0.01 (up from 0.001)
Bill Lowe main/#13044 11:44 AM
Scene save
Bill Lowe main/#13043 11:43 AM
Animal/Combat/Defensive scoring fixes
Bill Lowe main/#13042 11:41 AM
Added button to open module in designer from the AI debugger
Bill Lowe main/#13041 11:19 AM
Added ActiveEmote keyword Fixed bad priority dropdown in interaction lists Various UI tweaks Added interiors post volume
12 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13040 5:54 PM
More UI
Bill Lowe main/#13039 5:52 PM
Fixed some rock profabs missing biome material object components
Bill Lowe main/#13038 5:46 PM
More UI fuckery
Bill Lowe main/#13037 5:30 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13036 5:30 PM
UI tools, menu tinkering
Bill Lowe main/#13035 4:58 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13034 4:57 PM
Seperators in the selected unit UI are now conditional based on the various widgets
frankieh main/#13033 3:23 PM
shade updates
Bill Lowe main/#13032 2:49 PM
post tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#13031 2:44 PM
fixed radial menu button animators not working, removed tweeners various AI tweaks
frankieh main/#13030 2:16 PM
latest shader that works (before I break it)
Bill Lowe main/#13029 1:56 PM
Unit.Navigation now disables obstacle avoidance for a short time when we're failing to move for some reason
Bill Lowe main/#13028 12:07 PM
ImageMasked destroy materials when creating new instance
Diogo Teixeira main/#13027 10:16 AM
Updated ASE to
frankieh main/#13026 10:10 AM
fix for Weird anim bug when unit has exhausted flag while sleeping
frankieh main/#13025 9:41 AM
shader is still broken...
frankieh main/#13024 9:36 AM
reverted shader because it broke it..
frankieh main/#13023 9:30 AM
updated foliage sahder to use new append node
Jarryd Campi main/#13022 6:43 AM
Fixed corpses not getting cooked on spits properly, they should now stay on the spit and not burn so the tribe can butcher meat off it as needed
Jarryd Campi main/#13021 5:48 AM
Fixed projectiles not reparenting properly when detached from a corpse
Jarryd Campi main/#13020 5:38 AM
Exiting Effects now get a an extra Tick so that exit actions are run correctly (fixes units getting stuck in stealth pose)
Jarryd Campi main/#13019 3:31 AM
Fixed several audio channels not respecting audio settings (Ambient/Ocean/Weather/Wind are now controlled by the Effects slider)
11 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13018 11:33 PM
Memory profiler, misc
Bill Lowe main/#13017 2:27 PM
Hide unit path widget/line renderer when UI is invis
Bill Lowe main/#13016 2:16 PM
Deleted FireFuelCapacityConsideration, replaced usage with MachineProcessCapacity
Bill Lowe main/#13015 2:09 PM
Added MachineProcessCapacity consideration
Bill Lowe main/#13014 2:03 PM
MachineProcessAction desires are fulfilled when the target process' capacity hits ~100%
Bill Lowe main/#13013 1:25 PM
Fixed DecorAlign NRE spam
Bill Lowe main/#13012 1:13 PM
Bill Lowe main/#13011 12:56 PM
Fixed Unit.Progression component not unsubscribing from events. Fixed Unit.Progression subscribing to AIManager's global behaviour completion event, instead subscribes to only it's own
Bill Lowe main/#13010 12:11 PM
Placing a campfire now creates a MachineProcessActionDesire for the machine process
Bill Lowe main/#13009 10:56 AM
Replaced some List.AddRange usage in various AI code (was generating garbage)
Bill Lowe main/#13008 10:43 AM
Missed a bit
Bill Lowe main/#13007 10:43 AM
DM profiler hooks
Jarryd Campi main/#13006 5:17 AM
Added an icon for hunt desires
Jarryd Campi main/#13005 4:22 AM
Fixed a set random destination being used by hunting that was set to a 0 radius and was failing immediately Added a Player desire bonus to move attack to make sure player hunt commands are followed while there are buildings to construct
Bill Lowe main/#13004 2:05 AM
radial menu disabled button state improvement
Jarryd Campi main/#13003 1:13 AM
Collated command for Adding Fuel To Fire Fixed Breed request not hiding from UI if target is not human (0_o)
10 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#13002 11:55 PM
Various misc
Bill Lowe main/#13001 5:09 PM
Fixed DecorComponents not working properly
Bill Lowe main/#13000 4:44 PM
Nuked shitty decor spawn cache
Bill Lowe main/#12999 3:18 PM
Fixed bad cave camera position
Bill Lowe main/#12998 3:14 PM
fixed WorldManager zone event forwarders not working
Bill Lowe main/#12997 2:54 PM
hacky tree fix pt 2
Bill Lowe main/#12996 2:47 PM
entity id debug panel fix
Bill Lowe main/#12995 2:41 PM
Navigation component no longer disabled the NMA when unit is sleeping, disable obstacle avoidance instead
Bill Lowe main/#12994 2:29 PM
Added remove flag actions to various sleep behaviours
Bill Lowe main/#12993 2:14 PM
Added Decision.Success flag
Bill Lowe main/#12992 2:06 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12991 2:06 PM
DecisionMaker.ScoreModules rejects modules that score 0
Bill Lowe main/#12990 1:55 PM
Fixed Effect.Reset NRE
Bill Lowe main/#12989 1:51 PM
module priority scoring fix
Bill Lowe main/#12988 1:43 PM
Effects reset cleanup
Bill Lowe main/#12987 1:31 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12986 1:30 PM
Cleaning up DM module scoring, high priority module handling Fixed ClearBlackboardDesire not returning when it ends
Bill Lowe main/#12985 12:45 PM
Fixed invalid modules not being rejected by DecisionMaker.ScoreModules
Bill Lowe main/#12984 12:24 PM
Numerous post/lighting tweaks TOD post effects have ImageEffectAllowedInSceneView attribute
Bill Lowe main/#12983 9:56 AM
Log a warning when desire selector finds existing blackboard data for the same key
Bill Lowe main/#12982 9:43 AM
Interactions module tweaks
Jarryd Campi main/#12981 6:09 AM
Fixed some animation loop issues when crafting an item at a crafting table
9 October 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#12980 3:00 AM
Fixed some fields not persisting in MachineProcessActionDesire
8 October 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#12979 10:40 PM
Building and Item placement now check that a valid path exists between the currently selected unit and the targeted build/placement position, this prevents players being able to build things in out of reach areas
6 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12978 11:21 PM
Entity log tweak
Bill Lowe main/#12977 11:19 PM
Disabled DSE caching in config
Bill Lowe main/#12976 11:04 PM
Restoring more modules
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12975 6:07 PM
blackboard is now passed down from modules
Bill Lowe main/#12974 6:03 PM
Remove "inherit score from module" on goal nodes
Bill Lowe main/#12973 6:03 PM
Skin save
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12972 5:16 PM
DSE skips considerations when scoring a module. Module score (bonus - penalty) is applied to both the Goal and Goal Plan.
Bill Lowe main/#12971 5:16 PM
AI modules no longer show consideration groups in their DSE, onValidate ensures that they are not allowed Various AI designer improvements
Bill Lowe main/#12970 4:25 PM
Marked a bunch of unit conditions as cachable
Bill Lowe main/#12969 4:25 PM
Fixed AI designer goal pasting issue
Bill Lowe main/#12968 1:04 PM
AI designer editor consistency
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12967 12:55 PM
fixed incorrectly placed editor only tags causing the Steam version to not ignore carried items in target filtering
Bill Lowe main/#12965 11:58 AM
Removed DecisionScoreEvaluator class, no longer need to create instances of this to evaluate a DSE from data Moved player command cooldown tracking to Unit. Units will leave cooldown state when they go to sleep Merged "wake up" goals into main human/sleep module
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12964 11:43 AM
removed Jog To Thrown Weapon, so people will jog or sneak accordingly when picking up their weapon
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12963 10:53 AM
added Notes field to DataAsset. AI tweaks.
Bill Lowe main/#12962 10:36 AM
Editor bits
Jarryd Campi main/#12961 5:14 AM
Hacky workaround for failing SamplePosition calls in Navigation
Jarryd Campi main/#12960 3:26 AM
Fixed several melee weapons having a minimum range of 0 Two new module packs, Default Human Combat and Default Animal Combat Default Human Combat lets humans run to their target and flee (instead of being stuck in face target) Default Animal Combat does the same, was applied to bears and wolves (herbivore combat is still not enabled, but that's less of an issue)
Jarryd Campi main/#12959 1:56 AM
Added Party Member module to humans Added non placeholder text and images for hunting tutorial
Jarryd Campi main/#12958 1:11 AM
Added Wake Up module to humans so they can wake up from sleeping
Jarryd Campi main/#12957 1:05 AM
Rebake island_01 navmesh again
Jarryd Campi main/#12956 12:09 AM
Enabled NavMeshModifiers on cliff rocks to fix units walking on cliffs
5 October 2017
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12955 10:08 PM
more descriptions
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12954 9:56 PM
Unit description will now show the description of the active GoalPlan or Goal if there is one.
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12953 7:04 PM
changed previous behaviour conditions to penalties in the idle module to not completely break it if wandering fails.
Bill Lowe main/#12952 6:19 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12951 6:07 PM
module AI logs now show correct score and base score
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12950 5:43 PM
DecisionMakerModule.GetScore now returns the right thing. Replaced references to the module's GPV score with GetScore.
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12949 3:44 PM
Module scores now reflect the score of everything contained within the module and also display the base score.
Bill Lowe main/#12948 2:58 PM
Load game widget bits
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12947 2:54 PM
best module logs now show in the AI debugger again
Bill Lowe main/#12946 2:49 PM
Missed a bit
Bill Lowe main/#12945 2:49 PM
Biome editor weather listing improvements; add/delete buttons etc
Bill Lowe main/ui_colors/#12944 2:31 PM
Bill Lowe main/ui_colors/#12943 2:30 PM
Various UI stuff
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12942 2:24 PM
ignoring held items in filtering also ignores worn items now
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12941 1:52 PM
Fixed default interaction on berry bushes
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12940 1:43 PM
Min and Max Temperature are now driven by the weather wrapper in each season.
jenny main/#12939 1:08 PM
menu music latest
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12938 12:24 PM
clothes have much better insulation stats now renamed tutu to tunic
Bill Lowe main/#12937 12:00 PM
Fixed season temperature curve not saving, adjusted curves
Bill Lowe main/#12936 11:32 AM
Biome seasonal data sorts weather types by weight
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12935 11:18 AM
Tweaked human temperature tolerance. Body temperature will now tick much slower.
Bill Lowe main/#12934 11:12 AM
Fixed a label
Bill Lowe main/#12933 11:10 AM
Season TemperatureOverDay curve is normalized in editor
Bill Lowe main/#12932 10:32 AM
DSE.DebugConditionResult tweaks
Jarryd Campi main/#12931 3:05 AM
Fixed checkedBlockBy flag not being used on UnitSpawners Enabled the flag on a couple of unit spawners in Island_01 to fix animals being spawned inside cliffs
Jarryd Campi main/#12930 1:14 AM
Fixed a party invite ability not being marked as ai only
4 October 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#12929 11:51 PM
Knowledge overlay now updates every 0.25 realtime seconds so that new labels appear as the player moves around the world
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12928 7:14 PM
DispenserItemFoodValue now only writes interactions specified in a list of valid ones. Berry Bush has Consume From Dispenser (Human) interaction. Food value consideration now actually uses the food value (this means people won't eat shrooms anymore).
Bill Lowe main/#12927 4:16 PM
Added WeightedRoleDefinition, list in PersonalityType def Various Goal/GoalPlan conditional asset list editor improvements
Bill Lowe main/#12926 4:02 PM
Debugger tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#12925 3:46 PM
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12924 3:46 PM
items now have a DispensedBy field. people won't drop dispensed items while taking them from the dispenser.
Bill Lowe main/#12923 3:44 PM
More debugger fuckery
Bill Lowe main/#12922 3:08 PM
Removed nulled module from mushrooms effect
Bill Lowe main/#12921 3:02 PM
DSE logging fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12920 2:51 PM
AIDesigner resets canvas pan offset when selecting a new module
Bill Lowe main/#12919 2:46 PM
Compile fix
Bill Lowe main/#12918 2:45 PM
Nixed stupid tick id thing
Bill Lowe main/#12917 2:40 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12916 2:36 PM
Fixed decision logs not being post processed
Bill Lowe main/#12915 2:32 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12914 2:23 PM
AI logging improvements, added post process step at the end of each simtick to deal with parenting Fixed databrowser persisted asset selection causing bad cast errors
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12913 1:31 PM
fixed constant pingponging between player instigated GPV and non player one
Bill Lowe main/#12912 11:43 AM
AIDebugger tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#12911 11:33 AM
Fixed AIDebugger.GetPreviousBestModule causing crash when activeSimTick is 0
Bill Lowe main/#12910 11:24 AM
Entity log window title content fix
Bill Lowe main/#12909 11:23 AM
Fixed AI Debugger NRE
Jarryd Campi main/#12908 12:05 AM
Corpses should now drop embedded projectiles when they are skinned
3 October 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12907 11:52 PM
This commit has been marked as private, so it is hidden
Jarryd Campi main/#12906 11:21 PM
More debugger stuff
Jarryd Campi main/#12905 10:38 PM
Added a go to previous module change button in the ai debugger
Bill Lowe main/#12904 9:17 PM
Stat types enum generator
Bill Lowe main/#12903 9:02 PM
Various human module scoring tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#12902 6:09 PM
Removed bad BuildingDesire.Save override AI designer bits
Bill Lowe main/#12901 5:33 PM
testbox bits
Bill Lowe main/#12900 3:41 PM
More human modules
Bill Lowe main/#12899 3:35 PM
AI designer tab persistence, polish and bug fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12898 11:23 AM
rebaked island2 rebaked lost & found
Bill Lowe main/#12897 10:44 AM
rebaked island1
Bill Lowe main/#12896 10:38 AM
AI designer tabs WIP
Vincent Mayeur main/#12895 7:58 AM
Caves - Updating cave 01 outside cliff mesh, updated lost and found and island01 to fit terrain
Jarryd Campi main/#12894 4:23 AM
Better automatic nav mesh obstacle sizing for resource views
2 October 2017
frankieh main/#12893 2:49 PM
shit zebra
frankieh main/#12892 1:28 PM
sabertooth view model
Vincent Mayeur main/#12891 12:56 PM
Added collapsed cliffs to levels
Vincent Mayeur main/#12890 12:55 PM
cliff_collapsed_01 files & prefab
Bill Lowe main/#12888 12:34 PM
another NRE fix
Bill Lowe main/#12887 12:26 PM
EntityViewUtility NRE fix
frankieh main/#12886 11:10 AM
sabertooth polish
Jarryd Campi main/#12885 6:38 AM
Fixed Island_01 and NoSpawns having out of date/missing navmeshes Deleted an orphaned(?) navmesh on island_01 Fixed an NRE in GroupPersonalities when a non-human in a group dies Fixed TakeAllItems mode in TakeFromDispenser actions breaking after dispensing the first item