220 Commits by 5 Authors. 1,980 files added, 83 deleted, 45 moved.
19 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Set a food type on consumables that don't have one. Yams set to Vegetable type. Only add food items to food supplies.
Bill Lowe
BEF-290 : fixed items occasionally being improperly dropped by Actions.DespositEntity
PlayerController cleanup/comments
UnitFrame cleanup
Fixed crafting order pool being filled twice
Hopefully fixed highlighting again
Building placement settlement radius preview no longer parents to the settlement view when positioning, gets highlighted Settlement view radius rendering refactored and working again with pooling & new highlighter system Fixed Highlighting not getting properly re-enabled after being disabled (when UI is hidden, via F10 to cutscene)
Fixed out of range errors when playing directly from a game scene
Petur Agust
15-25 sec interval on charcreate special animations, instead of like 0 seconds.
Holy traits, batman.
18 September 2018
Bill Lowe
Trait cost values for testing
Trait cost system, RMB to remove
Removed some meaningless warnings from StatCollection Get methods Minor skill def editor cleanup Fixed bad owned by strings in building tooltips
Trait selection back button, prep for text / points hookup
Tribe create trait picking
Main cleanup
Tribe create mouse over uses raycast instead of spherecast Tribe create start game button is disabled until you make enough units (configurable per scenario, > 0 or == defined limit)
Fixing PlayerCamera.CameraComponent being null or pointing to the wrong camera
Dont let AudioManager play anything until game has been fully initialized
Refactored UI management to load each screen from separate scenes, mostly so its easier to work with and we dont have to deal with huge merges Added SceneSelection property attribute & drawer for path strings EntityView disables NavMeshAgent via OnValidate, re-enabled after leaving pools Tribe create no longer creates units at world origin, passes in slot positions which should prevent any navmesh init warnings Fixed DOF on menu screens
Diogo Teixeira
Rebaked all other tree impostors and bushes
Fixed bush_fern material losing diffuse map
Fixed and rebaked tree_umbrella_thorn (part 2)
Updated before foliage shaders: original, impostor bake and impostor runtime
Updated Amplify Impostors to v0.9.0
Petur Agust
Male nipples don't cast a shadow anymore.
Scene tweaks. WIP.
Charcreate styling WIP. Empty ghost for char creation. Charcreate foliage has its own render queue prio to unbug it.
added age overlay to humans merge
Sebastien Blomfield
Made non positional various interactions on buildings that don't have interaction positions.
Disable NavMeshAgent on UnitView prefabs.
Master volume fix
Fixed items being removed from containers / machine process being shown for a short amount of time if they are destroyed. Logging in AudioManager for missing dictionary key.
Fixed item removal happening at the wrong time in FuelToEffect process. Capacity renderer and tooltip info are now more accurate.
Fix for repair state adding construciton info multiple times
17 September 2018
Bill Lowe
added ColorPickerIcon
Menu scene
Nuked a bunch of old assets with missing types Moved volumetric light beam plugin to std assets to see if that has any bearing on standalone builds Added new editor for ZoneSeasons component to change season in editor, also buttons to biome editor
Disable linux and OSX builds
Graphics/Project settings, attempting to fix light beam on standalone builds
Sebastien Blomfield
fixed null targets in building goal plans
Bonus to current building goal plans if the current building was player commanded
non station requiring jobs enabled by default
Fixed Crafting at Machine goal failure from triggering while we are taking open orders.
Fixed instant build cheat again. Removed some needs felt spammy. Need fulfillment will now always trigger the event on the need (fixes goal failure needs lingering in the notifications).
Added interaction to set current building (also assigns the building job). Tidy up of conditions on some other interactions that were available on the cmapfire even though it's not finished.
umbrella tree with broken imposter removed extras from foliage shader
15 September 2018
Bill Lowe
Shader includes
Jekinsfiles 2.7f1
Fixed generic prompt bad text assignment
Fixed re-rolled units not being added to the same position slot
Disable age choices in char create until we fix them
Don't spin unit when pointer is over UI
14 September 2018
Bill Lowe
Tribe create spinning fix Fixed highlighter not updating when hair/beard meshes change
Tribe create bug fixing
Fixed camera paralax not getting re-enabled, probably
Fixed generic prompt widget button alignment
Fixed MenuScene NRE due to OOE
Fucked off Highlighting onvalidate because NRE apparently
More tribe create fixes
Fixed people getting parented to occupied positions in the tribe view scene
merge from charcreate2
Fixing more shit/charcreate2
Button stuff/charcreate2
Fixed units not being properly managed during tribe create Fixed tribe create untis not being highlighted, hover button persisting/charcreate2
Config cleanup, tabbed editor window/charcreate2
Game config tweaks/charcreate2
Skill gain and research contribution use intelligence as a multiplier (mapped to 50% - 150%) Added game config button to data browser/charcreate2
Sebastien Blomfield
OnValidate will set the first interaction position set to default if there isn't a default. Misc interaction position data.
Fixed stupid code making settlement exp from skill gain always be 1
Woodcutting skill gain from cutting down trees. Fixed NRE in TreeParametersEditor.
don't clear active constructions list in Building.SetFinished
removed range conditions from move to combat target AI to let the moving handle the range and perception checks
Added give_settlement_exp console command. Interaction Positions for construction on Campfire-Shelter addon.
Stone Axe now has correct offset in hip slots
unbroke prebroken terrain material
some arid stuff, nothing good
fixed terrain being too bright in editor mode
Petur Agust
Various tweaks & tunes./charcreate2
13 September 2018
Petur Agust
Missing file & texture clamp./charcreate2
Fixed the charcreate ambient lighting issue for real this time./charcreate2
Bill Lowe
Various UI utility now uses Camera.main instead of PlayerCamera.component (fixes element positioning relative to converted entity screen pos outside of Game UI/when using other cameras)/charcreate2
Highligther fix (missing mats on player prefab) Fixed tribe customisation mouseover buttons not showing/charcreate2
Fixed highlighter not working in tribe create (uses main cam now) All jobs default to off/charcreate2
More betterer slidering/charcreate2
Tribe create functionality WIP/charcreate2
missed from last checkin
weapon rack update
fix for human hair being offset
Sebastien Blomfield
handaxe now goes in Hip 2 slots
null check BiomeMaterialObjects when transitioning season
instant build cheat now adds the required items to the building
OnBuildingFinished now only gets invoked the first time the building is completely finished (use OnUpgradeComplete for upgrades). Upgrades will get force completed if the instant build cheat is enabled.
12 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Repair state should always start when building reaches decaying state. NRE fixes related to new ToolUsage stuff. Avoid floating point precision error that could sometimes cause construction to get stuck.
Skill gain from crafting items. Added skill gain data to a bunch of buildings. Wooden club unlocked along with spear and handaxe.
Fixed settlement experience being added without finishing the default addons first.
Fixed building finished event being invoked when the building wasn't actually finished
Grass can be harvested without a player command
Campfire spit addon for level 2 now costs logs
Dispensables can now optionally remember their progress so it's possible to continue cutting down a tree after you stopped
Tool effectiveness modifiers should now actually work. TakeFromDispenser tweaks.
Bill Lowe
Tribe create post, leaf material fix, Menu UI background tweaks Fixed ScreenNavigation OOE causing bad button states in MenuUI/charcreate2
OptionsSpinner pops error when options are not set/charcreate2
Changed all trait effect removal mode to manual, for clarity
made campfire dirt decal area a bit smaller so it corresponds to the no build zone better
Petur Agust
Various. Mergable./charcreate2
11 September 2018
Petur Agust
Error fixes & prefab stuff./charcreate2
Save/load wip/charcreate2
Sebastien Blomfield
TakeFromDispenser calc fix
Reworking tool use parameters to include an effectiveness multiplier per tool type WIP.
fixed instant build cheat
Only give player tribe units clothing from the starting pool
Various settlement XP data to hopefully make it somewhat possible to advance to level 3.
Made desire drain rate 10x slower
NRE fix when repairing buildings. Status bar colour when repairing should still indicate decay value.
Moved JobOverride to base InteractionSettingsWrapper. This fixes some InteractionPlans having null ToolUsage.
Added grass spawners to island 1
vertex colours on berrys
removed alpha
made starting pants less revealing
updating trees to work with highlight shader
support for copying diffuse texture
grass fix
Bill, please make it copy _Diffuse from render material to highlight material too, thanks
Bill Lowe
Added _Diffuse to HighlighterSettings properties to copy
10 September 2018
Petur Agust
Options scaling & cleanup./charcreate2
Scenario semantics./charcreate2
Nav cleanup/charcreate2
Holy scaling batman/charcreate2
More scaling shit/charcreate2
Fixed more scaling issues/charcreate2
Newgame scales properly./charcreate2
Shouldn't see-through disabled buttons./charcreate2
Another fix./charcreate2
Uncommitted font apparently./charcreate2
Options with fuked up aspect scaling. More widgets./charcreate2
Merge from main/charcreate2
New game screen/charcreate2
Bill Lowe
Fixed building widget overflow, scroll
Decal rotation fix Highlighting system copies some custom properties for vertex offset/wind support
Sebastien Blomfield
Removed messy UnlockDatabase class. Unlocking something before the other requirements have been met should now unlock it when requirements are met. Fixed SpawnPopulationSettings NRE
merge from building view branch
More fixes to building view and progress bar display. Hopefully fixed a couple of instances of possible floating point rounding errors. Repairing now also uses construction time./building_view_rendering
changed default value to make non vertex coloured objects work
arid testbox and highlighter shader work
9 September 2018
Petur Agust
More menu UI/charcreate2
Menu wip & related./charcreate2
8 September 2018
Petur Agust
Menu stuff Added Unity UI extensions/charcreate2
7 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Building view renderer improvements WIP/building_view_rendering
TODO comment
Cancelling and uncancelling during the initial construction will now cancel/resume the total construction of main building + default upgrades instead of just whichever one is currently active.
more dispenser
Fixed view not being hidden on resources that should hide when empty
Fixed allow no tool not working properly. Validation to allow no tool on interactions with 0 tool types defined.
NRE fix for cancelling
changed default month to 4 so grass is green
Petur Agust
Trait selection screen. Buncha new icons & changes./charcreate2
6 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Default upgrades now get added to the total progress when constructing a new building.
IsCarryingRequiredTool returns true if it's an interaction that doesn't require any tool types or if AllowNoTool is enabled
Fixed IsCarryingRequiredTool out of range error
Senses LOS debug lines
Fix for people getting stuck when trying to attack targets they can't perceive
Petur Agust
Everything but trait selection screen./charcreate2
Bill Lowe
Item quality gives a bonus to Tool effectiveness (action time) Item quality gives a bonus to weapon damage Item quality gives a bonus to durability/decay rate Nuked InteractionPlanData class, moved properties to InteractionPlan
IsRequiredTool NRE fix
ToolUseParamters, replaces list of ToolType defs Made some more GC free enum flags ext methods, replaced usages (Hostility, UnitAges, UnitGenders, UnitAttachmentPoints)
Stats debug manips foldouts
Senses data fov/los bools, debug tweak Fixed animals not getting stance effects
Debug selection tweaks
Toggle UI locked icon size up
more clothing not working
clothing previews
5 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Cancel current construction. Undo cancel current construction. Cancel deconstruction.
Bill Lowe
Job management UI toggle state fix (was not possible to toggle station associated jobs off) Fixed building highlight including preview mesh renderer
Worker Events fix Nuked old BuildingConstructionState file
Job changes update all management UI elements
Job management UIs will refresh via Worker.OnJobChange callback Assigning jobs through the inspector UIs with assign to first available station worker slots when appropriate
Cleaned up job management UI checks for available stations
Petur Agust
Navigation fuckery. WIP./charcreate2
4 September 2018
Petur Agust
Tribe view/charcreate2
Sebastien Blomfield
Cancelling construction WIP.
AI Modules can now be specific to Player controlled or AI controlled Controllers. Added Idle Module for AI controlled humans to stop them wandering far from their settlement.
"Bastards" tribe is now neutral instead of hostile
Correct icons in Command Widget array
Disable dispenser interactions when dispenser is depleted
Replace SkipOnFailure bool in BehaviourChainElementParameters with an EvaluationModes enum. Harvesting flagged resources now uses the complete on succeed evaluation mode on the various possible interactions.
Fixed abilities with null jobs not appearing on the context menu. Holding control will make RMB perform the command on click.
trying to add leaf clothes to weaving station
missed from last checkin
male and female leaf clothing
3 September 2018
Sebastien Blomfield
Various work modules have conditions preventing them from being performed if we are wounded or bleeding
Moved notification text below other fields in Effects Editor (fixes said text not displaying).
Make Effects Tick Again. Removed check for other existing effects having the same add/remove actions.
Fixed Effects component not being ticked on minute. Passed out effect should now be removed when energy has been regained.
Petur Agust
2 September 2018
Petur Agust
Scene backup. Tribe cam anims. Organized some files./charcreate2
1 September 2018
Petur Agust
Merge from main/charcreate2