316 Commits by 4 Authors. 696 files added, 124 deleted, 100 moved.
17 August 2017
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12323 2:41 AM
Custom unlock triggers are now working. Game Modes define which tutorials will be displayed. Added a time trigger which triggers after a certain amount of time.
Jarryd Campi main/#12322 2:24 AM
Added some animation preview functionality to the Unit Attachments Editor -Can now toggle on/off unit shoulder carrying animations for more accurate positioning -Can now preview/modify attachment points for carried units -Can set carried units into their IsCarried animation state for more accurate positioning
Jarryd Campi main/#12321 12:26 AM
Fixed corpses not getting their isCarried animator state properly set when loading the game
Jarryd Campi main/#12320 12:06 AM
Fixed attachment animator bools/positions for deer Tweaked attachment position for carrying logs
16 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12319 10:18 PM
Various activity subscription now using generated enums
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12318 8:48 PM
game custom unlocks will now be locked at the start
Bill Lowe main/#12315 6:24 PM
UnlockDefinitionEditor cleanup
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12314 6:13 PM
Let's cache the entities array in UnlockDefinitionEditor
Bill Lowe main/#12313 6:11 PM
Minor BaseAssetEditor tweak
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12312 5:50 PM
added TODO for loading change I want to make without crashing the everything
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12311 5:42 PM
reverted Database.cs which was inexplicably crashing the editor
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12310 2:54 PM
game mode tweaks. grouping for BaseEntitySettings AssetMenu. Database Get doesn't care about paths dictionary now.
Bill Lowe main/#12309 1:56 PM
Activity category & type enum generation Added IInteractionProvider.GetAllInteractions & BaseEntitySettings.GetAllInteractions
Bill Lowe main/#12308 12:38 PM
Misc UI
Bill Lowe main/#12307 9:56 AM
UI sprite cleanup/renames Various UI polish Fixed bad activity creation in GroupProgression
Jarryd Campi main/#12306 7:38 AM
More corpse stuff Remaining meat count should be accurate on load Mesh+bone+materials should now be correct
Jarryd Campi main/#12305 7:18 AM
More corpse save/load stuff, still has issues
Jarryd Campi main/#12304 5:26 AM
Fixed some combat component load issues Fixed component enabled state not being stored correctly (weird protobuf issue) Fixed ComponentsWhenDead on unit initialization not respecting whether the unit is actually dead during initialization
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12303 1:57 AM
removed Inspectable component
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12302 1:07 AM
Fixed bad activity strings for unlocks. Fixed things being unlocked twice. Added inspection of hide to learn to make hats and beds.
Jarryd Campi main/#12301 12:53 AM
Fixed unlocks throwing an exception on save Fixed clothing attempting to change colour before being equipped,was throwing an exception
15 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12300 11:37 PM
Wearable colors persisted, synced on portrait clones
Bill Lowe main/#12299 9:53 PM
post/weather tweaks
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12298 9:40 PM
Merge from Progression Rework
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12297 9:39 PM
Unlock Activity creation tweaks
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12296 9:35 PM
more merging
Bill Lowe main/#12295 9:34 PM
Console toggle via f9
Bill Lowe main/#12294 9:02 PM
Radial menu layers fixes
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12293 9:02 PM
merge from main
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12292 8:56 PM
More improvements to progression system, looking pretty good now. Added/tweaked some progression data.
Bill Lowe main/#12291 5:26 PM
Player command refactor, added pooling support and generally cleaned up Radial menu support for nested commands (WIP)
Bill Lowe main/#12290 2:13 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12289 2:11 PM
Refactoring ability target modes so we can better control radial commands in any given context
Bill Lowe main/#12288 1:35 PM
Radial menu revamp WIP
Bill Lowe main/#12287 11:12 AM
Pause transition cleanup ActivityNotificationElement layout fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12286 10:20 AM
Agent routines exit early when unit is dead or disabled Removed OnEnabled / OnDisabled in EntityComponent
Jarryd Campi main/#12285 8:09 AM
Updated collisions on bear headress view
frankieh main/#12284 7:37 AM
fixed anim glitch when cooking meat where it wouldnt return to to idle
Jarryd Campi main/#12283 6:11 AM
Component list on entity debug panel now displays if a component is enabled or disabled
Jarryd Campi main/#12282 6:07 AM
Fixed corpse component not getting set to enabled on a load, this was breaking butcher interaction
Jarryd Campi main/#12281 5:33 AM
Added a corpse data type to track corpse states Fixed Unit not not ragdolling if dead on loading Added a corpse debug panel Better Load logic on corpse to replicate the state of the corpse on save, still some outstanding issues
Jarryd Campi main/#12280 1:33 AM
Added some null checks to machine processes to protect against bad entities being passed in Fixed CorpseCooked activity named incorrectly in code, was throwing an exception after cooking meat Enabled ItemAttachments component on stick item, was disabled and preventing cooking (still had data for meat and fish, so presumably was enabled at some point)
14 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12279 11:55 PM
Added DataAsset.LongDescription field Crafting window content cleanup, required tool + building display
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12278 8:23 PM
untested WIP tings
Bill Lowe main/#12277 7:56 PM
Fixed duplicate unlocks
Bill Lowe main/#12276 7:54 PM
Crafting at building fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12275 7:49 PM
Items without views defined will be flagged invalid for game use
Bill Lowe main/#12274 5:32 PM
Compile fix
Bill Lowe main/#12273 5:32 PM
Unlock commands for each type (buildings, items, ai, all)
Bill Lowe main/#12272 5:14 PM
Unlock cheat no longer unlocks non-player buildable things (e.g animal dens) and anything not flagged as game valid. Also ignores group progression locks
Bill Lowe main/#12271 5:09 PM
Added `unlock_all` console command to unlock all items and buildings
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12270 5:03 PM
merge from main again
Bill Lowe main/#12269 5:00 PM
More building related target filter improvements
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12268 5:00 PM
merge from main
Bill Lowe main/#12267 4:58 PM
Reworked TargetFilter.FindBuildingToGatherFor DSE (same group, influence in bonuses, not base score)
frankieh main/#12266 4:54 PM
collision on the rest of the crafting buildings
Bill Lowe main/#12265 4:53 PM
Fixed UnitPathWidget NRE Updated crafting table prefabs
frankieh main/#12264 4:50 PM
crafting table collision
Bill Lowe main/#12263 4:49 PM
Data save
Bill Lowe main/#12262 4:41 PM
Crafting stations basics
Bill Lowe main/#12261 3:55 PM
Fixed bad super speed button tween
Bill Lowe main/#12260 3:54 PM
Removed old auto anim bools for shoulder carrying
Bill Lowe main/#12259 3:48 PM
Moved camera fx and Effects to after the lerp in weather transition
Bill Lowe main/#12258 3:31 PM
Removed "In Starting Pool" bool from BuildingSettings & ItemsSettings
Bill Lowe main/#12257 3:21 PM
Show entity id in debug tools HumanUtility.GiveRandomClothing exempts items we already have
Bill Lowe main/#12256 2:54 PM
Fixed Agent.SimTickDecisionMakers not clearing DSE caches when the unit is selected by player and the command cooldown is active Exposed IsCachable on conditions and considerations
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12255 2:53 PM
CanStow improvement
Bill Lowe main/#12254 2:44 PM
Various UI
Bill Lowe main/#12253 2:12 PM
Fixed Improved Spear missing weapon component
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12252 2:12 PM
ItemActionSettings now logs the name of the item
Bill Lowe main/#12251 2:06 PM
Item management module condition tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#12250 1:45 PM
Fixed UnitPortraitManager.EnableCameraUpdate not being reset
Bill Lowe main/#12249 1:41 PM
UI bits
Bill Lowe main/#12248 1:20 PM
Nuked a couple of un-used interactions, made some interactions AI only
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12247 1:06 PM
fixed Item IsHolding checks
Bill Lowe main/#12246 11:53 AM
EntityValueForBuilding fails if the target's SmartObject component is disabled SmartObject.CanSubscribe returns false if the smartobject is disabled Removed SmartObjectComponentSystem
frankieh main/#12245 10:08 AM
updating some world models to work better with collision
Jarryd Campi main/#12244 6:14 AM
Added an Animator extension class with new backup and restore parameters capability Fixes animator losing all of it's states when a rebind occurs (clothing change, game load) Fixes holding animations getting disabled when changing clothing
Jarryd Campi main/#12243 4:06 AM
Craft and build commands now disable the player's command cooldown and force a decision maker tick, usually forcing the unit to take action immediately Trying out some ways to make crafting and building feel more responsive
Jarryd Campi main/#12242 3:28 AM
Fixed wood log right shoulder attachment point saved on wrong side of body
Jarryd Campi main/#12241 12:29 AM
Agent will now run secondary behaviour modules while the player is controlling an agent - need secondary modules for things like item equipping during player commands (potentially fixes bug 921) Primary modules are still suppressed during a player command
13 August 2017
Sebastien Blomfield main/Progression Rework/#12240 10:12 PM
Most of the data structure for the new unlock system
12 August 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#12239 1:39 PM
Fixed busted command generation when holding containers
11 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12235 10:27 PM
Unit path display fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12234 10:20 PM
HUD/Game UI revamp WIP
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12233 10:14 PM
Game Modes now define the starting pool for crafting and building. This will probably be replaced with an asset-based unlock system soon though!
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12232 7:00 PM
Item spawners can now spawn a selection of items. GameMode can now lock or unlock things at game start
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12231 3:23 PM
null check in Attachable-based properties of Item
frankieh main/#12230 3:17 PM
removed eyebrows for now and fixed human HIT box positition
Bill Lowe main/#12229 2:59 PM
frankieh main/#12228 1:04 PM
material clothing for humans clothes
frankieh main/#12226 12:26 PM
updated meta stats for animals with it allready setup
frankieh main/#12225 7:38 AM
improved bear meat normals
Jarryd Campi main/#12224 6:25 AM
EntityViewUtility will now size the default box collider it puts on an item when no other colliders are present, the collider will be sized to encapsulate all meshes on the item Added colliders to any clothing items that had no colliders Resized existing 1,1,1 colliders on items
Jarryd Campi main/#12223 4:47 AM
Added container item recursion for depositing items from containers to buildings and stockpiles
Jarryd Campi main/#12222 1:33 AM
Decreased Navmesh tile size from 256 to 224 (-32) on island_01, trying to fix weird navmesh generation on some steeper hills (bug 927)
Jarryd Campi main/#12221 1:02 AM
Changed some icons for hunting parties Fixed being able to gift items to own tribe Fixed Rally Group command never ending, which would break AI until a player command took over (bug 924)
Jarryd Campi main/#12220 12:11 AM
Manually call OnAnimatorStateTagChangedCallback when loading a random animation package if we're already in idle state (fixes no conversation anim bug)
Bill Lowe main/#12219 12:02 AM
Commented out HasDispensable DSE eval as improper DecisionContext causes a bunch of issues (shortsighted impl, will look at performant alternative)
10 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12217 11:42 PM
Torch lighting AI WIP
Bill Lowe main/#12216 8:49 PM
Ignitable component boilerplate
Bill Lowe main/#12215 6:21 PM
island 1 tinkering
frankieh main/#12214 3:55 PM
exhausted anims inmprovement
frankieh main/#12213 12:59 PM
hand axe attachment point data
frankieh main/#12212 12:13 PM
fixed weird beard skinning
frankieh main/#12211 10:10 AM
raised deer spawner so they dont spawn underground
Jarryd Campi main/#12210 5:26 AM
Loading a game that has broken data will now load the menu, rather than quitting the game
Jarryd Campi main/#12209 4:38 AM
Trees now attempt to find a click collider and turn it off when felled (fixed erratic tree felling on new tree with expanded click collider)
Jarryd Campi main/#12208 3:34 AM
Fixed the ResolutionHack in GameManager setting resolution to screen resolution when playing windowed (was ignoring launcher settings)
Jarryd Campi main/#12207 2:30 AM
Appended group name to the mouse over description if a tribe has been interacted with
Jarryd Campi main/#12206 1:13 AM
Fixed being able to upgrade or addon to foreign buildings
Jarryd Campi main/#12205 12:20 AM
Stopped introductions being used on non-humans
9 August 2017
Jarryd Campi main/#12204 11:49 PM
Fixed building near other tribe activity event (wasn't saved yesterday for some reason)
Bill Lowe main/#12203 10:26 PM
UI tweaks, tribe names/colors etc
Bill Lowe main/#12202 9:34 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12201 9:06 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12200 8:41 PM
HasDispensable evaluates interaction plan conditions
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12199 8:30 PM
AI refactor to allow gathering / harvesting to all be one Goal for building. Added some checks in EntityValueForbuilding to disallow invalid interactions from being written to the blackboard. Made other value for building considerations use EntityValueForBuilding.
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12198 4:57 PM
more building AI tweaks
frankieh main/#12197 4:49 PM
reexport female to fix filckering hair
frankieh main/#12196 4:45 PM
removed 60s hair from female
frankieh main/#12195 4:44 PM
pine trees exported with correct materials
Bill Lowe main/#12194 4:37 PM
Repainted island1
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12193 4:36 PM
Depositing to building from container now works. Dropped items now remove themselves from their container. Various tweaks to gathering for building.
Bill Lowe main/#12192 4:34 PM
Fixed TerrainMeta.StopPainting not passing correct topo enum
Bill Lowe main/#12191 4:31 PM
Fixed TerrainMeta.CurrentTopologyType not being set
Bill Lowe main/#12190 4:28 PM
More terrain meta cleanup
Bill Lowe main/#12189 4:21 PM
Fixed TerrainMeta not switching paint mode when changing topo types
Bill Lowe main/#12188 4:17 PM
TerrainMetaInspector fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12187 4:13 PM
Terrain system cleanup, editor
Bill Lowe main/#12186 3:14 PM
Fixed various issues with craft/build windows not closing properly when selecting things
Bill Lowe main/#12185 2:46 PM
Various UI
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12184 2:38 PM
Moved building construction to its own goal. GPVs with score overriding now only use the overridden score for comparing with incoming GPVs
Bill Lowe main/#12183 1:32 PM
TabbedWindows fixes
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12182 12:23 PM
Added more logging to Navigation
Bill Lowe main/#12181 12:19 PM
TabbedWindows fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12180 12:17 PM
Fixed UIWidget.OnActivated not being invoked when widget has no tweeener
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12179 11:23 AM
Changed the way UnitAttachments persistence works (nuke yo saves people!)
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12178 10:40 AM
Lost and Found data
Bill Lowe main/#12177 8:50 AM
UI progress
Jarryd Campi main/#12176 7:29 AM
Can now pass groups as the creator/target of activities for diplomatic events Building things near other tribes will now trigger a negative diplomatic event
Jarryd Campi main/#12175 4:48 AM
Fixed wooden log attachment point groups so log wasn't equipped in chest
Jarryd Campi main/#12174 4:12 AM
Made move order effects unscaled and increased reliability so every mouse click should make a visual marker
Jarryd Campi main/#12173 2:42 AM
PlayerController now clears override cursor if it cannot tick (fixed override cursor persisting when opening menus, changing sessions, etc)
Jarryd Campi main/#12172 2:18 AM
Zones now get notified when a session is being killed All Zone weather now gets disabled when a session ends (fixes bug 918) Added some checks in world debug tool so it doesn't error out between sessions
8 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12171 11:27 PM
Dont change cursor state for a default interaction that is not available Fixed lingering tooltip when opening radial
Bill Lowe main/#12168 11:09 PM
UI fuckery
Bill Lowe main/#12167 10:50 PM
tabs tweaks
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12166 10:00 PM
Game Mode unlocks WIP
Bill Lowe main/#12165 9:59 PM
Tab title crap
Bill Lowe main/#12164 9:28 PM
hacky pine tree collision fix
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12163 8:51 PM
Fixed combat music (and probably various other triggers) Disabled raiding goal plan that contains an empty GPV
Bill Lowe main/#12162 7:58 PM
Fixed NRE in UnitGroupCondition when the target entity had no group Modal UI windows now share common tabbed navigation Added UnitDetailView portrait spinning Removed UDV items listing (pending new features)
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12161 5:29 PM
Fixed unit attachments not being properly unblocked sometimes. Removed potential trailing reference to attached entity
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12160 3:02 PM
Removed Consume Item ability because we don't need it. Self abilities on radial shouldn't check UI exposure
frankieh main/#12159 2:57 PM
both new trees have "collision" mesh with material "collision" to use for mouseover help
Bill Lowe main/#12157 1:21 PM
more holster fixes (bow, hand axe, wood club, bow)
Bill Lowe main/#12156 1:09 PM
BuildingRequiresItem condition evaluates items in carried containers when used in the TargetBuildingCarriedItems mode
Bill Lowe main/#12155 1:05 PM
Fixed both spears, hammer, stone club missing holster points
frankieh main/#12154 12:25 PM
files from last checkin
frankieh main/#12153 12:23 PM
missed files
frankieh main/#12152 12:22 PM
female hair improvements(?)
Bill Lowe main/#12151 12:22 PM
BehaviourChainFilter.EntitySources.UnitItems now includes items held in containers
Bill Lowe main/#12150 12:10 PM
merge bag shit
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12149 12:09 PM
merge from interaction_hand_stuff to main
Bill Lowe main/interaction_hand_stuff/#12148 12:09 PM
Bags/back pack data tweaks
Sebastien Blomfield main/interaction_hand_stuff/#12147 12:08 PM
Finished up the interactions/available attachment points refactor
Jarryd Campi main/#12146 6:00 AM
Refactored UnitGroupCondition to be not be unit specific (since any entity can have a group) Added some conditions so units won't add fuel to another groups fire (they can still use another group's fire with a diplomatic penalty)
Jarryd Campi main/#12145 5:42 AM
Merging diplomacy branch into main
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12144 5:30 AM
Merging from main
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12143 5:27 AM
Some final testbox tweaks
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12142 4:40 AM
Made a new consideration to make agents pick better gifts Made coconuts a x2 value gift
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12141 4:12 AM
Gift component now has a value multiplier to allow for gifts of varying value
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12140 3:18 AM
Added a good/bad diplomacy activity that pops a notification so player has feedback when they are doing something another tribe likes or dislikes
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12139 1:32 AM
Added territory consideration to gift ai selection so AI's hopefully won't regift the same item multiple times
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12138 1:13 AM
AI tribe gifting items is somewhat working, still has a few issues
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12137 12:17 AM
Fixed some party invite abilities not restricting by group (could join other tribes hunting parties)
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12136 12:14 AM
Hostile Introduction now uses TriggerComsAngry01 animation
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12135 12:00 AM
Reworked friendly/hostile introductions as abilities rather than conversations
7 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/interaction_hand_stuff/#12134 9:41 PM
commiting subtracted things subtracting to a branch
Bill Lowe main/#12133 9:41 PM
subtracting things
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12132 9:38 PM
InteractionSettingsWrapper attachment point requirements WIP. Untested removal of blocking from UnitAttachments.
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12131 6:09 PM
Building AI improvements, still a little janky but the general idea is there. AI logs now work without opening the debugger. UnitAttachments has a debug panel. Removed campfire from nospawns.
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12130 3:17 PM
Is Carrying Required Tool no longer checks hand availability
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12129 2:42 PM
interaction positions for shonky hut
frankieh main/#12128 11:08 AM
more male hair and beards
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12127 6:49 AM
Diplomatic Events now have a max number of recurring events, so each event type can be capped differently (all are set to two except for gift, you can do that 3 times) Started work on a Diplomacy AIModule with some WIP AI gifting stuff Blackboard data can now store a group
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12126 1:29 AM
Added a friendly and hostile introduction conversation topics Modified Conversations component to evaluate sensed humans not in group Made some group conditions - IsInSameGroup and HasInteractedWithMyGroup and applied them to the existing conditions Player Instigated conversations have issues at the moment so most of this isn't functional yet
6 August 2017
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12125 11:39 PM
Added diplomacy scene to the SceneLoader dropdown
4 August 2017
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12124 6:24 AM
Refactored relationship calculation to happen once a (in-game) minute, rather than every time the state was requested
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12123 5:51 AM
Updated diplomacy debug panel to work with last commit
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12122 5:38 AM
DiplomaticEvents now store an AssetId to the original DiplomaticEventSettings asset This means we can now recognize multiple events of the same type, current behaviour will just retime the existing event and not stack an event multiple times
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12121 4:18 AM
Editor icons and fixes
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12120 4:10 AM
Made an activity + diplomatic event for gifting
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12119 3:27 AM
Merged from main
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12118 2:52 AM
Added a Gift component to Items If an item is marked as a Gift, it can be given to an neutral/friendly foreign unit Rock is marked as a gift for testing purposes
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12117 12:26 AM
Mouse over description for humans now reflects relationship status DiplomacyRelation now stores whether the two tribes have interacted, mouse over description will still read "A Stranger..." if the two tribes haven't met
3 August 2017
Bill Lowe main/#12116 10:13 PM
Force deactivate progression UI on init
Bill Lowe main/#12115 10:12 PM
Progression UI WIP
frankieh main/#12114 5:29 PM
new legs
Bill Lowe main/#12113 3:50 PM
Actually delete saves for new versions
Bill Lowe main/#12112 3:46 PM
Added a 1 seccond wait to the construct interaction
Bill Lowe main/#12111 3:37 PM
Fixed missing rb on human male view prefab
Bill Lowe main/#12110 3:36 PM
UnitViewUtility ensures prefabs have a Rigidbody
Bill Lowe main/#12109 3:31 PM
EntityViewUtility.MakePrefab ensures that the TEntityView component is enabled
Bill Lowe main/#12108 3:16 PM
Fixed EntityViewUtility.SetupCollider not parenting box collider to the prefab World views assigned for all clothing items which have them
Bill Lowe main/#12107 3:07 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12106 2:58 PM
Fixed world view prefab creation not nuking src Generated human male clothing world prefabs
Bill Lowe main/#12105 2:56 PM
Unit view import tweaks
frankieh main/#12104 2:29 PM
put world items in human fbx
Bill Lowe main/#12103 2:20 PM
UnitViewUtility fixes
Bill Lowe main/#12102 2:10 PM
Various PlayerController cleanup, fixed a couple of issues causing duplicated or bogus commands UnitViewUtility creates _world prefab from clothing objects KnowledgeOverlayLabel cleanup
frankieh main/#12101 12:29 PM
frankieh main/#12100 12:07 PM
container backpack
Bill Lowe main/#12099 11:30 AM
Reverted AttachmentPointGroup cache array removal, but re-create array on demand in the editor if the size differs from the enum flags length (ew)
Bill Lowe main/#12098 11:20 AM
Stone axe holster APs
Bill Lowe main/#12097 11:19 AM
DM profiler samples
Bill Lowe main/#12096 11:19 AM
Refactored away the AttachmentPointGroup other occupied points array, allows for editing data at runtime
Bill Lowe main/#12095 11:00 AM
Subtracting my earlier subtraction
Bill Lowe main/#12093 10:58 AM
Data save
Bill Lowe main/#12092 10:55 AM
Subtracting 12084
frankieh main/#12091 10:35 AM
shonky hut
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12090 8:06 AM
Made a DiplomacyFriendlinessConsideration that scores a relationship from 0-1 Added the consideration to Sleep in Building and Find Shelter in Building so units will be less likely to sleep somewhere not owned by them if the relationship is bad Player controlled diplomacy now mirrors any relationships that other components have (this might change, still pondering)
frankieh main/#12089 7:09 AM
removed double sided as couldnt make shadows work with clipping point
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12088 5:31 AM
Added a Interacted With Building activity Added a UsedProperty diplomatic event Added a new diplomacy testbox for easier testing of this stuff
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12087 4:19 AM
Added a diplomacy check to building interaction, foreign buildings can only be interacted with if the relationship is neutral or hostile
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12086 3:45 AM
Activities now have a slot for a DiplomaticEvent to trigger, they require Target to be set in the ActivityData to determine the group to assign to Moved the Attack diplomatic event from the Combat component onto the StartCombat Activity
2 August 2017
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12084 9:53 PM
Tidy up of fields from old system of attachments
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12083 9:40 PM
merge from UnitAttachments refactor to main
Sebastien Blomfield main/UnitAttachments refactor/#12082 9:36 PM
Fixed a couple of checks that weren't working correctly
Sebastien Blomfield main/UnitAttachments refactor/#12081 8:36 PM
data all the things
Sebastien Blomfield main/UnitAttachments refactor/#12080 7:53 PM
actually compiles now
Bill Lowe main/#12079 6:40 PM
Bill Lowe main/#12078 6:39 PM
Editor update
Bill Lowe main/#12077 6:38 PM
Fixed Containers on Wearables not parenting objects to their respective wearable object Added ItemSizes enum for categorization and ItemContainer restrictions Updated all items
Bill Lowe main/#12076 5:48 PM
Updated SimpleConsole
Bill Lowe main/#12075 5:35 PM
Fixed modal window toggle inputs working when the console is open
Sebastien Blomfield main/UnitAttachments refactor/#12074 5:27 PM
UnitAttachments refactor (doesn't compile yet)
Bill Lowe main/#12073 5:20 PM
Prefab save
Bill Lowe main/#12072 5:09 PM
More camera
Bill Lowe main/#12071 5:05 PM
Camera bits
Bill Lowe main/#12070 5:01 PM
Some camera cleanup, direct unit movement control disabled in certain modes
Bill Lowe main/#12069 3:41 PM
More POI support (optionally use entity name as label)
Bill Lowe main/#12068 3:37 PM
Added camp POI Added support POI icon color from entity/group hostility Refactored some UI colors stuff
Bill Lowe main/#12067 3:13 PM
Behaviours can optionally define whether or not they trigger an AI cooldown after being used as a player command, applied to a bunch of stuff
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12066 3:10 PM
Can Hold Item now checks blocked attachment points
Bill Lowe main/#12065 1:58 PM
Player controller command cooldown only on movement commands
Bill Lowe main/#12064 1:56 PM
Removed IsSelected condition from idle module
Bill Lowe main/#12063 1:54 PM
Player controller command cooldown ends early if unit gets attack
Bill Lowe main/#12062 1:50 PM
Refactored some Command shit to be a bit simpler and reduce amount of code in PlayerController Added UnitIsSelected condition, added to idle module PlayerController command cooldown system WIP
Jarryd Campi main/#12061 10:35 AM
Fixed UseTarget not being nulled in InternalReset
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12060 10:15 AM
Merge from Keep Item Rework
Sebastien Blomfield main/KeepItemRework/#12059 10:13 AM
Keep Desire fulfillment if behaviour targetting the use target breaks
frankieh main/#12058 10:11 AM
mat tweaks
frankieh main/#12057 10:06 AM
renders back facing as black to give solid look to decayed objects
Sebastien Blomfield main/KeepItemRework/#12056 9:31 AM
keep desire fulfillment when completing a behaviour
Jarryd Campi main/Diplomacy/#12055 8:42 AM
Starting some Diplomacy enhancements: -Added a new DiplomaticEvent asset type -Diplomacy component now keeps track of these events -Component uses these events to determine relationship level and then hostility level -Exposed an optional diplomatic event to the Attack component that applies an Attacked event when attacking a member of another tribe (this will probably be replaced with an Activity/Trigger in future)
Jarryd Campi main/KeepItemRework/#12054 3:16 AM
Trying out a change to ItemActionDesire that stores a UseTarget A keep desire that has a UseTarget will report that the item is still required rather than clearing when the behaviour changes, this solves the firewood collection issue
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12053 1:13 AM
People should now correctly gather firewood in an appropriate manner
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12052 12:33 AM
Added all of the modes ever to DistanceConsideration
Jarryd Campi main/#12051 12:21 AM
Might have fixed weather widget lerping in form the top of the screen
1 August 2017
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12050 9:21 PM
Multi-stick gathering for fire WIP
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12049 8:52 PM
people will now gather more than one stick at a time to add to the fire
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12048 5:51 PM
Fixed bad event invoking causing bad bookkeeping of interaction position counts
Bill Lowe main/#12047 5:49 PM
Overview map lerp fix
Bill Lowe main/#12046 5:09 PM
DebugPanel_Navigation shows blocked IP as object field
Bill Lowe main/#12045 5:06 PM
Added "Near Building or Immovable" Or Condition used in Human/Building/Process Item For Building GP
Bill Lowe main/#12044 4:59 PM
InteractionPosition.OnTriggerExit tweak SmartObject.GetNearestUnoccupiedInteractionPosition will return the IP that the unit is blocking, if possible
Bill Lowe main/#12043 4:13 PM
Various building AI tweaks
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12042 3:48 PM
Fixed Ambient Temperature Is Cold curve being the wrong way round
Bill Lowe main/#12041 3:46 PM
Removed old animator trigger from desires widget
Bill Lowe main/#12040 3:45 PM
Desires Widget no longer deactivates after a timeout Increased AI tick rate to 20 game seconds (was 10)
Bill Lowe main/#12039 3:40 PM
OverviewMap lerps scattering density Reduced map camera edge scroll speed
Bill Lowe main/#12038 3:34 PM
IsCarryingRequiredTool checks that we have a a free hand No longer clear desires when issuing move commands
Bill Lowe main/#12037 2:42 PM
Campfire interaction positions
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12036 2:07 PM
refactored Session.StartNew to consolidate it with StartNewFromExisting Zone component can optionally define a default game mode for playing the scene in editor
frankieh main/#12035 2:02 PM
updated building shader to be a bit more organised
Bill Lowe main/#12034 1:49 PM
Adjusted building decay formula, exposed global durability multiplier in game config
Bill Lowe main/#12033 1:35 PM
Fixed campfire missing upgrade mapping/data
Bill Lowe main/#12032 1:22 PM
Fixed TribeSpawner.OnValidate not properly supporting multiple buildings of the same prefab due to name in hierarchy not matching that in the data lookup
Bill Lowe main/#12031 1:11 PM
Building decay info on the debug panel Debug panel icon support
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12030 1:03 PM
slider all the things. game modes now define the start hour as a float for super precise start times
Bill Lowe main/#12028 12:41 PM
Buffed fear drain when no longer threatend
frankieh main/#12027 12:31 PM
better decay shader
Bill Lowe main/#12026 12:25 PM
Seasons use TimeManager.DaysPerMonth to calc their duration WorldManagerConfig exposes transition time for seasons (hours)
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12025 12:02 PM
apparently a meta file
Bill Lowe main/#12024 11:58 AM
Fixed dark berry bushses Island 1 spawner tweaks
Bill Lowe main/#12023 11:47 AM
island1 topo
Bill Lowe main/#12022 11:42 AM
Removed tribe spawn and blocked channels from TerrainTopology.Enum (Seemingly fixed weird topology painting bug) Copied Tree & Dispenser component settings from normal pines to tall pines
Bill Lowe main/#12021 10:52 AM
Bill Lowe main/#12020 10:50 AM
Reverted some island1 stuff
frankieh main/#12019 10:34 AM
building shader improvements
Jarryd Campi main/#12018 9:01 AM
Fixed tribe spawner not creating/assigning entities properly (views had no entities, were non-interactive)
Jarryd Campi main/#12017 6:18 AM
Fixed an editor exception when looking at a stats component on a group
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12016 3:40 AM
More lost and found map WIP
Jarryd Campi main/#12015 1:52 AM
Trying out adding an additional collider to trees to increase clickable area
Bill Lowe main/#12014 1:01 AM
Fixed tree chopping interaction being disabled
Bill Lowe main/#12013 12:55 AM
Fixed player controller not always clearing command creation buffers Added command generation method for placing items
Bill Lowe main/#12012 12:32 AM
Bill Lowe main/#12011 12:29 AM
Growable tweaks
Jarryd Campi main/#12010 12:27 AM
Fixed Dispenser firing an action that hasn't been assigned
Jarryd Campi main/#12009 12:21 AM
Added new Go To Blackboard Position (no wait) plan to the CurrentBehvaiourIsGoToBlackboardPosition check (was breaking sprint/jog movement)
Sebastien Blomfield main/#12008 12:17 AM
Super mega WIP Lost and Found map that definitely isn't at all shaped like a vagina
Bill Lowe main/#12007 12:16 AM
More post
Bill Lowe main/#12006 12:11 AM
UI tweaks, tribe create post
Bill Lowe main/#12005 12:04 AM
DOF tweaks