A summary of our plans and goals. Any dates or features mentioned here are intentions - not promises. The only promise we can confidently make is that this information is all wrong.
This is what we want to get done for the beta release.
4/6 - 67% complete
AI Tribe Engagement
AI tribes need a few more tweaks to work nicely and give players some challenge and opportunity interesting interactions.
Settlement Levelling Polish
The process of upgrading your settlements.
Research is our main progression mechanic. You can assign people to spend time researching new technology for the tribe. As your people advance in their given roles, they will unlock new things to research.
Crafting Improvement
Our crafting system needs a little revamping in the early game, and better UI.
Tribe Creation Revamp
Giving players more options when starting a new game, you'll be able to start with a random selection of people, manually create your whole tribe or pick from presets that we've designed.
Building Improvements
The building system we have needs a few improvements, include a slot system for different types of addons, improved decay, repair and deconstruction mechanics.
The features that we want to include in our first release.
0/7 - 0% complete
Tutorial Scenario
A complete tutorial scenario for new players, showcasing all the core mechanics.
Your tribe will be able to plant crops and keep animals.
Animal Taming
Hunters will be able to tame wild animals and keep them as pets, helping to defend the tribe.
Shama Role Mechanics
Your tribe's Shaman will be able to heal wounded people and make various items. Eventually they will conduct rituals and ceremonies in accordance to the path your tribe have chosen.
Progression Path Content
Our path choice mechanic needs content and integration with other systems.
Workshop Support
Let player share scenarios, presets and saves.
We need another 2 or 3 maps ready for release.
Ideas we have for content and updates after release.
0/5 - 0% complete
Scenario Editor
First version of our in-game scenario editor, allowing players to design and share their own scenarios.
New Biome
An additional biome to go with our default temperate setting.
Copper Age
We'd like to expand the game into more advanced ages, starting with the discovery of metallurgy in the copper age.
Animal Riding